5 Reasons Weighted Blankets Make a Perfect Holiday Gift

It’s hard to find the perfect gift. Even if you are shopping for a close friend or family member – or even your spouse – you may struggle to come up with good ideas. Gift cards have become so popular simply because it’s hard to think of anything specific to buy as a memorable present.

If you are struggling to come up with a great gift idea for an important person in your life, consider a weighted blanket. Unlike many gifts, this is something the recipient is likely to use frequently. In fact, there is a good chance this new blanket will be used night after night for years to come.

At Hevvy, we love the idea of our products being given as gifts. We have put tremendous time and effort into the design of our blankets, and we think anyone would be thrilled to receive one. Whether you choose the Original Hevvy Weighted Blanket, or the Hevvy XL, this is a gift that is sure to be appreciated.

So, what is it about weighted blankets that make them such a great option as a gift? Let’s take a look at five reasons to go in this direction for a Christmas or birthday present.

#1 – The Gift of Rest

How many people do you know that say they feel fully rested and ready to go each day?

Yeah, we don’t know any of those people either.

These days, it seems that everyone is tired. There are many different reasons for that exhaustion, from demanding schedules to electronics overload and more. Whatever the cause, countless people are feeling tired on a daily basis in the modern world.  

Chronic fatigue can lead to a variety of issues that impact an individual’s quality of life. It could be something as minor as feeling a bit frustrated late in the day when you can’t focus because your mind is worn out. Or, it could be something more serious, like drifting to sleep while driving, or having a serious medical event. Any way you look at it, getting enough sleep is one of the most important things human beings can do.

So, getting back to the topic at hand, you have the incredible opportunity to help someone sleep better by giving them a weighted blanket as a gift. If the recipient of the blanket has been having trouble sleeping, this gift may be just what they need to kick those struggles and finally get some rest. Even if they don’t have trouble falling asleep currently, they might go to bed a little earlier knowing that cozy weighted blanket is waiting for them.

The whole idea of giving someone a gift is to show them you care, and to help them live a better life in some way, shape, or form. A weighted blanket is such a great option because it has the potential to profoundly impact their life, and it clearly demonstrates your love.

#2 – An Original Idea

Let’s face it – it’s hard to think of good gift ideas. This is especially true if you have been buying this person gifts for years. After a while, it seems like you have gone through all the good ideas and there is really nothing left.

At that point, you might turn to standard gifts that most people get over and over again throughout their lives. For example, shirts, jackets, home décor items, and even gift cards are presents that are purchased frequently for a variety of recipients. 

If you get tired of spending money on the same old gifts, it might be time to go in a completely different direction. By purchasing a weighted blanket as a gift, you will be giving someone a present they likely have not received before. Not only that, but you’ll be providing them with something that they can use every single day.

There is a great sense of pride and excitement that comes along with giving someone a gift that they are not expecting. These days, many gifts are predictable because of the nature of technology. In advance of a birthday or holiday, you may ask someone what they would like as a gift. In return, they’ll send you a few links to some online products. If you just click a link and make a payment, there is no surprise involved at all. It’s far more exciting – and meaningful – to go in a different direction and give them a present that is truly a welcome surprise.

#3 – A Gift That Lasts

You probably don’t mind spending money on presents. As compared to everything else you have to spend money on – bills, taxes, etc. – buying someone a present is a welcome change.

With that said, you don’t want to waste money on a present that is going to be long forgotten in just a few weeks or months. Rather, it’s best to buy a gift that is going to be around for a long time to come, providing value to the recipient’s life and reminding them of how much you care.

Going with a weighted blanket as a gift is a sure way to give something that lasts for years. Of course, that is only going to be true if you buy from a company like Hevvy which is committed to quality. There are many players in this market today, and some are better than others. Before making a purchase, do your research and make sure you are working with a company that is dedicated to satisfying customers at every turn. 

#4 – Everybody Sleeps

One important part of the gift buying process is figuring out what the recipient likes to do or what they need. This might be pretty easy for someone who lives in your home, but what about others in your circle of family or friends? You might not quite know what those people want or need, and you’ll feel stuck for ideas as a result. In the end, you might fall back on one of those predictable gift ideas we talked about earlier. That’s fine, but it’s not the memorable present you may have dreamed of finding for this special person in your life.

Buying a weighted blanket is a great way to shortcut this process and get right to something that you know everyone can use. We all need to sleep each day, so we can all use a comfortable blanket to help us cozy in for a night of rest. You don’t have to wonder if someone can use this present, because sleep is a universal activity. Not only do you know that everyone needs to sleep, but you can also help them get better sleep through the use of a weighted blanket.

The other great thing about using a weighted blanket as a gift idea is that everyone can use more than one blanket. Sometimes, you might hesitate to buy a certain gift because you aren’t sure if the person has that item yet or not. But that’s not the case here – they already own a blanket or two, and that’s okay. This new weighted blanket might become the blanket they use every night in bed, or it might only be pulled out for special occasions when they have time to sleep in and really enjoy it. Either way, it will find a useful place in their home and your purchase will be worthwhile.

 #5 – Can Fit Any Decor

When buying something that will be used in someone else’s home, it can be tricky to pick out an item that will fit with their décor. Even if you know what their house looks like, design is a personal thing – so an item that you pick out and think matches their décor might not be something that they like in the end. 

Again here, we see how a weighted blanket is a great solution to this problem. We can get around this issue thanks to the use of a duvet cover. The new weighted blanket that you give as a gift can be tucked into a duvet cover that the recipient already owns, or one that they purchase specifically for this purpose. That way, the blanket itself doesn’t need to fit with their décor – they can customize the look of the blanket through the use of a duvet.

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