Body Pillows: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Think pillows are only for your head? Think again. Most people sleep with just a pillow or two under their head and a blanket over their body, but that’s far from the only option. By adding a body pillow to your bed, you may be able to dramatically upgrade your sleeping experience for only a modest investment. 

We are going to cover the topic of body pillows from top to bottom in this article. Everything from how to use a body pillow to how you can figure out which one to buy will be covered in the content below. Here’s to many nights of great sleep ahead!

What is a Body Pillow?

A body pillow is simply a large pillow that is meant to be used by your whole body, rather than just your head. Body pillows come in many shapes and sizes and they can be used to support various parts of your body depending on what’s comfortable for you or where you might be having pain. 

As with most consumer products, you can spend vastly different amounts of money on various types of body pillows. Some are extremely affordable, but those tend to be filled with minimal stuffing and they usually have a rough exterior. In other words, the cheap body pillows are not nearly as comfortable as you might wish them to be.

On the other end of the spectrum, expensive body pillows may deliver a luxurious experience, but they will also be over the budget of many buyers. Most likely, you will want to find yourself somewhere in the middle, spending a modest amount of money on your body pillow to get a quality product without breaking the bank. We think our Hevvy Body Pillow fits this description perfectly, but there are others on the market, as well.

What’s the Point of a Body Pillow?

It’s only worth investing in a body pillow if there are notable benefits to be enjoyed. While the benefits experienced from using this kind of pillow will certainly vary from person to person, the list below highlights some of the key reasons body pillows have become so popular.

  • Find that perfect position. Do you spend a lot of your night tossing and turning in bed, trying to find the perfect position to sleep? That’s a problem that plagues many people. Unfortunately, with a flat mattress and one or two traditional pillows, you only have so many options. By adding a body pillow, you will give yourself something else to work with, making it possible to find many other positions that were not available with your mattress alone. Whether you tuck part of it between your knees for back support, wrap one arm around it for comfort, or find another position that suits your needs, body pillows are extremely versatile.
  • Support a pain point. Most of us have one part of our body that seems to constantly have aches and pains going on. If that sounds like you, a body pillow might be a great way to make that area more comfortable throughout the night. A common example of this concept is back pain. Plenty of people suffer from back pain, and issues with your back can make it hard to get comfortable in bed. By using a body pillow and placing part of that pillow between your knees, you can straighten out the bottom part of your spine and hopefully alleviate some of your discomfort. So, is a body pillow good for back pain? Many people will answer that question with a resounding yes, but ultimately, you’ll have to try it for yourself to see how it works.
  • Get comfortable. For some people, using a body pillow comes down to nothing more than just getting cozy in bed. With a large pillow to cuddle up next to, you might feel more peaceful and ready to sleep. This can be particularly helpful if you sleep alone some nights when your partner is away.
  • Other uses. You can use your body pillow for more than just getting comfortable to sleep. For instance, depending on the shape of the pillow you select – more on that later – you might be able to prop it up on your headboard to make a comfortable spot to watch TV or read. Or you could take it out to your couch to make a movie night even more enjoyable.

Everyone uses their body pillow a little differently. That’s the great thing about these types of pillows – they are versatile enough to be used in a variety of ways, so virtually every buyer will be able to get at least some use out of the product. Whether it becomes an integral part of your nightly routine or just something you use on occasion to get comfortable, having a body pillow around the house is a nice luxury. 

Body Pillow Shape Options

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when buying a body pillow is the shape of the pillow that you will select. Plenty of different shapes are available on the market today, and each comes with some benefits. Let’s walk through four of the common shapes to discuss why each might be right for you.

  • U-shaped. This is the style we offer here at, so it’s no surprise that we believe this to be the best of the bunch. We are in favor of the U-shaped body pillow simply because of the versatility it offers the user. With the closed end of the “U” up by your head, you can wrap the pillow around you on both sides for an extremely comfortable setup. Or you can lean it up against the headboard to create a cradle like an oversized chair. Also, if you have back issues like discussed previously, having two long sides to use as support between your knees is a nice advantage. If you are buying your first body pillow and aren’t sure which one is best for you, go with a U-shape for all-around performance.
  • C-shaped. While these types of body pillows can be used by just about anyone, they are particularly effective for pregnant women. The C-shaped body pillow can be used in many of the same ways that a U-shaped pillow is used, although it might be a little less versatile overall.
  • J-shape. Another letter-shaped body pillow option is the “J”. This option offers the least material of the three letter styles we are covering here, since it is just a straight line with a hook on one end. If you have tried larger body pillows and felt they were too big or made you too warm, going with a J-shaped pillow could be a nice compromise. Traditionally, this pillow will be used with the long straight piece running down one side of your body while the hook of the “J” curls up under your head.
  • Lastly, you may choose to stick with a simple rectangle body pillow. This design can also be a good entry point if you aren’t sure that a body pillow is right for you. The simplistic design means your options are limited here, and you will still need to use a traditional pillow to support your head while resting the body pillow along one side of your body. 

Despite our preference for the U-shaped pillow, there really isn’t any one best option here. All of these body pillow shapes can work for certain users – it’s all about matching up the right pillow to the right person. Think about your personal needs before placing your order. 

Consider the Material

If you sleep with a body pillow in your bed, that pillow is going to come into contact with a large portion of your body as you sleep. As a result, you want to make sure the pillow is comfortable – and comfort relates not only to the filling and shape of the pillow, but also the material on the outside. Without a soft and cozy cover material, your body pillow will never live up to its potential.

At, we understand the importance of the cover of your body pillow, which is why it is made with 100% soft velvet. Also, this cover can be removed and easily washed, making the experience of owning a body pillow that much more convenient. Like all bedding products, your body pillow will need to be washed occasionally, so make sure that the laundering process is as easy as possible.

Order Yours Today!

The Hevvy Body Pillow is an affordable, comfortable, supportive option that we hope you will consider. With a large U-shaped design and a cozy cover made from velvet, you should have no trouble finding a way to position yourself for a great night of sleep. Also, you can use this body pillow even when you aren’t trying to sleep. Whether you want to watch some TV or read a book in bed, your new body pillow will help you enjoy the experience. Thank you for considering!

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