Buying New Bedding? Look for These Three Key Factors

Adding new bedding to your home is a great way to upgrade your day-to-day life. Since you sleep every night, there are few things you can buy that will be used quite as often as new bedding. And, if that new bedding you choose winds up leading to a great night of sleep, you will know your money has been well-spent.

If you are trying to figure out how to choose bedding, you are in the right place. This article is going to highlight three key factors to watch for as you shop. It will help to have some direction in this search simply because of the sheer number of bedding options available on the market today. There are endless possibilities for what you can buy for your bed and where you can buy it, so we hope this article serves as a helpful roadmap.

What Are You Buying?

Before getting into our three key points, we first need to define “bedding”. That’s a pretty broad term, and it can certainly mean different things to different people. Some people will shop for all of their bedding needs at one time, while others will pick up one or two pieces at a time until they have assembled everything they need for a great night of sleep.

Some of the key components that fit into the bedding category include –

  • This includes both fitted and top sheets, and since this is the part of your bedding that your body will largely come in contact with, the quality of your sheets has a lot to do with how your bed feels overall.
  • Obviously, you’ll want a nice blanket on your bed. Personal preference plays a pretty big role in blanket shopping, as some people like to be warmer than others.
  • If you would like to cover your blanket in an attractive, easy-to-wash fabric, you’ll need a duvet. You can find duvets in endless color and style options, so there is certainly something out there to match with your needs.
  • No bedding arrangement would be complete without comfortable pillows to bring it all together. Not only are pillows for your head important, but you might also want to consider adding a body pillow to your set.

If the list above looks like it could get expensive, don’t worry – there is nothing wrong with buying these pieces one at a time to spread out the cost. Maybe you figure out how to choose sheets for your bed for now and wait to get other items later. No matter when you plan to make the purchases, we recommend keeping the three following factors in mind to help you make a smart decision.

#1 – Thread Count

You probably expected to see this topic somewhere in the article, so we might as well address it as our first big point. Threat count is something that many consumers know to look for, but they might not know exactly what it means or why it is (or isn’t) important.

First, let’s be clear that thread count refers to the number of threads found within a square inch of the material. So, if you took one square inch of a sheet, for example, and counted up all of the vertical and horizontal threads, you would have the total thread count. Generally speaking, a higher thread count is considered to be “better” than a lower thread count. However, this number alone is far from the only indication of quality when shopping for bedding, so you need to keep the big picture in mind.

So, what is a good thread count for bedding? As a starting point, consider looking for products with a thread count in the 500 range. It doesn’t need to be exactly 500, of course, but somewhere around there is likely to lead you to a material that feels soft and comfortable on your bed. If you go too much lower than this thread count, the material may start to feel stiff and coarse. While some kinds of cotton can feel great with a relatively low thread count, you’ll generally want to stay up around 500 or so.

Don’t find yourself tempted by astronomical thread counts that come with similarly sky-high price tags. Sure, you can spend a lot of money on the highest thread count sheets you can find, but is that investment really going to pay off? Probably not. At some point, gaining thread count no longer really brings you any return, and you will just be paying extra money without getting much of any benefit. 

The lesson from this section is simple – don’t be so distracted by thread count that you forget to think about other important factors. For instance, what kind of material do you want? Do you want a natural fiber like cotton, or would you prefer an artificial option and the performance benefits they can deliver? Also, you’ll want to keep your budget in mind to make sure whatever you buy fits in nicely with how much you wanted to spend. Going overboard on thread count is the fastest way to let the cost of this purchase get out of control.

#2 – Washing and Care

When you first receive your new bedding, it will be clean and crisp, and you will probably love the way it looks and feels on your bed. Unfortunately, this honeymoon period does not last forever. As the nights add up, your bedding is going to wear and become soiled, and you will need to care for it properly. It’s best to think about this reality ahead of time so you don’t find yourself dealing with an ongoing hassle after you have made a purchase.

Keep the following bedding care points in mind when shopping –

  • Machine washable. Most of the bedding you find on the market today is machine washable but be sure to double-check this point before you order. Assuming you do your laundry in a machine like most people, you don’t want to find yourself with bedding that has to be washed by hand. That would be a major inconvenience and you would probably regret your purchase no matter how comfortable the bedding may be.
  • Duvet details. All duvet covers have a method for attaching to the blanket that they cover up. Some of these methods are easier to use than others. If your new duvet turns out to be difficult to get on and off, that will also be a headache, and you may not wash it very often as a result. The best way to get around this problem is to read reviews from previous purchasers of the duvet cover. What do others have to say about the product? If there are plenty of complaints about it being frustrating to put on and take off, you might want to look in another direction.

Don’t let your new bedding turn into a hassle that you don’t want to deal with week after week. Washing your bedding should be a quick and easy process, and it will be just that if you shop smart and do your research.

#3 – Temperature Control

Our last key point to consider when shopping for new bedding is temperature control. By temperature control, we mean choosing bedding that is appropriate for your climate and how you like to sleep. Even an extremely comfortable blanket isn’t going to work for your needs if you find yourself waking up in a sweat every night.

On this point, there is no one right answer for all buyers. If you live in a cold climate, you may want to turn to warmer bedding for comfort, especially in the winter months. On the contrary, if you live in the desert and the temperatures soar all summer long, cool bedding will be a must. Many people choose to have two sets – one for the summer and one for the winter – and this strategy may work out nicely for your needs.

If you are in the market for warm bedding, look for products made from either wool or cotton fleece. These are both going to help you stay nice and warm in bed, and each can be pretty cozy, as well. For cooler options, you can go in a couple of different directions. To keep the cost of your purchase down, look to cotton products with a low thread count. If you are willing to spend more, silk or satin feel very luxurious and deliver the cool feel you desire.

Wrapping It Up

There is no way we can recommend one specific type of bedding as the “best”. Every individual is different, and there are lots of great products to consider. Here at Hevvy, we are very proud of our weighted blankets, duvet covers, and body pillow, for example, and we hope you will check those out to learn more. No matter what you buy, always remember to focus specifically on your needs. Don’t just buy something because it’s popular with other people – think through your purchase and make sure it is going to fit the requirements of you and your family. Happy shopping!

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