Do Weighted Blankets Work?

If you’ve landed on this page, you probably have heard of weighted blankets. Maybe you know someone who has one, or maybe you’ve simply heard some of the buzz around these products and want to know more. Either way, there is one question that is likely popping up again and  again –

Do weighted blankets work?

It would be easy to pass off weighted blankets as a fad that is sure to go just as quickly as it arrived. Some people do just that. Without looking any closer, they decide that things like weighted blankets are trendy and won’t stand up to the test of time.

But is that actually going to be the case? When you take a deeper look, you may find that these types of blankets have a lot to offer you on a nightly basis. We’d like to spend some time in this post diving into the matter of whether or not weighted blankets work, who they may be able to help, and more.

What Does It Mean for a Blanket to Work?

The title question of this article is a bit tricky. How do we define ‘work’ when it comes to a blanket? That all depends on your perspective. Ultimately, whether or not a weighted blanket works for you may come back to what you expect it to do.

On a basic level, a blanket is supposed to help keep you warm and comfortable for a good night of sleep. And, to be sure, weighted blankets can do just that. For instance, the two weighted blankets we offer at Hevvy use brushed microfiber, and you can then tuck your blanket into one of our cozy duvet covers. So, if you are simply expecting your weighted blanket to be a comfortable way to stay warm as you sleep, it’s likely that you will be more than satisfied with the outcome.

Many people who purchase weighted blankets don’t place an order strictly looking for a comfortable blanket to add to their bed. These shoppers are looking for something else – an added benefit that isn’t offered by a traditional blanket. So, whether or not the blanket works for you depends on what you want it to solve. For instance, some buyers are looking for help with a sleeping disorder like insomnia, while others want some help with anxiety. It’s these auxiliary benefits that bring many people into the weighted blanket market.

Managing Expectations

There have been plenty of reports from weighted blanket users that their blanket has helped them find relief from a specific condition. While it’s still a little early in the evolution of the weighted blanket market for there to be a lot of scientific research on how these benefits can work, there are plenty of anecdotal stories to make it worth a closer look.

Of course, purchasing a weighted blanket alone should not be seen as a replacement for other, proven medical treatments. You can always talk to your doctor about the idea of purchasing a weighted blanket with the idea of using it in addition to whatever other treatments or therapies are ongoing.

Can a Weighted Blanket Help with Anxiety?

Individuals dealing with anxiety are more and more frequently turning to weighted blankets for assistance at night. As mentioned above, hard scientific evidence of how this could help is hard to come by at this point, both because weighted blankets are relatively new and because it’s hard to test the effects of the blanket on anxiety in the real world.

With that said, plenty of weighed blanket users do feel like it helps them manage their anxiety. And that’s likely the key word to remember here – manage. Should a weighted blanket alone be looked at as a ‘cure’ for anxiety? No – almost certainly not. Using a weighted blanket is not something to turn to with the expectation of eliminating anxiety completely.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t help. With something like anxiety, it’s often small steps toward improved mental health that is most important. By making enough small steps in the right direction, it may be possible to reduce the issue to where it is no longer a hindrance to day to day life.

Some people with anxiety struggle to relax and night when trying to sleep. If they are unable to relax, they might not end up sleeping very well, leaving them tired the next day. Then, that fatigue can lead into increased feelings of anxiety, and so on. It’s a difficult cycle to break once it sets in.

By using a weighted blanket, some of these individuals may be able to get the comfort they need to relax and fall asleep at night. The added weight of a 15-pound or 20-pound blanket, as opposed to a standard blanket which may weigh just a couple of pounds, can feel like a comforting hug as you settle into bed. If that’s all it takes to remove some of the anxiety and help you drift off to sleep, the use of the blanket will be more than worth it.

Do Weighted Blankets Help with Insomnia?

Insomnia is an incredibly frustrating disorder. When all you want to do is sleep – and you can’t manage to make it happen – you can lay in bed awake for hours, getting more frustrated as each minute passes. No matter what the cause of your insomnia may be, all you want is to be able to nod off for a restful night so you can feel good when morning rolls around.

The story here is very similar to our discussion regarding anxiety. Proof on the efficacy of weighted blankets on improving insomnia is hard to come by, although there have been small studies that seem to indicate positive results. More than that, there are many people who will swear to how the comfort and security of their weighted blanket has helped them sleep better at night.

If you are trying to decide whether or not to use a weighted blanket for insomnia, it may be a case of having very little to lose. A good weighted blanket like those we sell at Heavy comes with a relatively modest price tag, so you won’t have to spend several hundred dollars to give this a try. Sleeping under a weighted blanket is something that many others have found to be comfortable – so, at the very least, you should add a comfortable new blanket to your bedroom that you can look forward to cuddling up with at night. And, if it does pay dividends in terms of helping your insomnia, that will be a big bonus.

Valuing Proper Rest

In the modern, high-tech world, it seems that the importance of good sleep has gotten lost in the cracks. People today seem to prioritize productivity and efficiency, and sometimes that means that sleep doesn’t get its due. But everyone needs to rest, and it’s quite likely that you will feel better and perform better if you are well-rested day after day.

Weighted blankets work as a great way to invest in the importance of sleep. By buying this kind of blanket, you will be taking a big step toward improving your sleep life. Once you have positive results by changing to a weighted blanket, you might make other moves like turning your TV off at bedtime – or taking the TV out of your bedroom altogether. Who knows, you might start heading to bed earlier at night, knowing you have a comfortable blanket and a restful experience waiting for you.

A Good Weighted Blanket Will Work Better

Before wrapping up this article, we need to touch on the importance of investing in a high- quality weighted blanket like those from Hevvy. If you buy a cheap blanket, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the best possible results from making this switch. A low-quality blanket might not have the right kind of fill to apply even, comfortable pressure across the entire surface of the blanket. Also, it might not hold up as well in the cleaning process, meaning you will need to replace it sooner rather than later.

If you have high hopes for what a weighted blanket can do for you, don’t sell yourself short by purchasing a bad blanket. There are too many good options on the market today to settle for something that just doesn’t live up to your needs or expectations. A premium blanket made with nice material and filled with glass beads is going to give you the best weighted blanket experience.

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