What are the Benefits of a Weighted Blanket?

At first, the idea seems a little strange. A weighted blanket? Aren’t blankets supposed to be soft and fluffy, feeling as light as a cloud while you drift off to sleep? After all, down comforters have long been thought to be some of the most desirable on the market, and they are the furthest thing from heavy.

Once you take a closer look, however, you’ll start to see that heavy blankets actually have a lot to offer. As these types of blankets have gained popularity in recent years, more and more studies have been done regarding their potential benefits. While the impact they have will vary from person to person, there are a number of possible benefits to consider when shopping for a weighted blanket.

So, what are the biggest benefits of a weighted blanket? Let’s take a closer look at what you could gain by making the switch.

A Quick Introduction

Before we discuss the various benefits of using a weighted blanket, we should probably address the elephant in the room – what the heck is a weighted blanket, anyway?

As you may have guessed, it’s exactly as it sounds. A weighted blanket simply a regular blanket that has been designed to contain far more weight than you would expect. For instance, our Hevvy Weighted Blanket tips the scales at 15-pounds for a blanket that measures 48’’ x 72’’. If you take your current blanket to your bathroom scale, it’s likely to come in far below that 15- pound mark.

With evenly distributed weight throughout the blanket, you’ll have additional pressure placed on your body as you sleep. Why is that a good thing? Funny you should ask – let’s get to the benefits!

Better Quality Sleep

Who doesn’t love great sleep? There is something about the way you feel when you wake up in the morning after a great night of sleep that is hard to describe. You may notice that your mind feels clearer in the morning after getting plenty of sleep, and your body should be well-rested and ready to meet the challenges of the day. It’s easy to take for granted but sleeping well night after night really is one of the keys to an enjoyable, productive life.

Unfortunately, sleeping well can be a challenge. Many people struggle to settle into a great night of sleep for one reason or another. Even if you don’t have a sleeping disorder in the technical sense – more on those later – you still may find that it’s hard to get the rest you desire. Whether you toss and turn for half the night or wake up to use the restroom and struggle to get back to sleep, it’s frustrating to have morning arrive without getting proper rest.

If this sounds like you, a weighted blanket may be able to help. By providing firm, even pressure on your body throughout the night, it might be easier to rest. Changes in the way your body feels can cause you to wake up, or sleep lighter. For instance, if you roll over in your sleep and your blanket slides off to the side, you’ll suddenly be uncovered and not as comfortable. The change in temperature or feeling could be enough to wake you up and break your restful sleep.

Using a heavy blanket doesn’t guarantee that you will sleep well every night, but it is a step in the right direction for many people. For one thing, the simple fact that the blanket is weighted will help it stay in place as you sleep, reducing the chances that your environment will change dramatically simply by rolling over. Also, you’ll be enjoying the gentle downward pressure of the weighted blanket, almost like getting a hug.

If you have never before tried a weighted blanket, making the switch might be a big boost in the quality of your nightly sleep. And, in turn, you might notice a boost in quality of life as a result of getting such great rest.

Addressing Insomnia

For some people, sleep will come easily some nights, and not as easy on other nights. Much like we described above, there are many different reasons why you might not sleep particularly well on a given night and using a weighted blanket may help to solve those problems.

For other people, sleep is more of a challenge on a night after night basis. Rather than an occasional thing, these people almost always struggle to sleep – and they may be diagnosed with a sleeping disorder as a result. For instance, insomnia is a well-known sleep disorder that can have a powerful impact on your life. Struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep is a serious problem, especially if you don’t wind up sleeping enough to function properly and feel well the next day.

Individuals dealing with insomnia may benefit from the use of a weighted blanket. One study performed by Swedish researchers indicated that among a group of insomnia patients suffering from psychiatric disorders, weighted blankets were able to offer improved sleep overall. This study is a good indication that weighted blankets may be able to help people not only with minor sleep difficulties, but also with serious sleep disorders.

If you have been speaking with a doctor about your sleep struggles – whether that is your primary care provider or a specialist – ask about the possibility of using a weighted blanket. He or she should be able to provide some insight on whether or not this would be a good option for your needs.

Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is something that affects countless people in the modern world. While it can take on many different forms and varying levels of severity, there is no doubt that anxiety is a serious problem in our society. And, while it’s not necessarily thought of as a sleep issue, it certainly can affect the way you sleep. If you find yourself dealing with anxiety in many areas of your life, those problems may lead to poor sleep, as well.

At this point, there is not a lot of strong science available on how weighted blankets can help anxiety. This is a relatively new area, and it is difficult to study in a clinical way. With that said, many people have reported benefits on a personal level, so it’s an idea worth considering. As was the case with insomnia, if you work with a professional to manage your anxiety, you could speak with that individual about the idea of adding a weighted blanket to your list of strategies.

If there is a benefit to be enjoyed for those with persistent anxiety, it may be related to the calming effect of deep pressure stimulation. The steady, firm pressure applied from the blanket can be comforting and may help to calm the individual who is trying to sleep.

Added Enjoyment in Your Nightly Routine

Sometimes, the benefit of using a new product or service doesn’t need to be complicated at all. In some cases, it’s worth doing something new simply because it is enjoyable. That’s what many people report when switching to a weighted blanket. Aside from the potential benefits for something like insomnia, there is also the matter of looking forward to tucking in at night under your new weighted blanket.

Many people who have switched to this type of blanket feel that they are incredibly comfortable, as well as comforting. You might notice that you start to look forward to bedtime more than you did before, as the thought of crawling under the blanket is exactly what you need at the end of a long day. In fact, you might start to use the blanket for more than just going to sleep – lying in bed and reading a book under the blanket could become an enjoyable hobby, as well.

Getting the Right Blanket for Your Needs

If you are going to enjoy the many benefits that a weighted blanket has to offer, you need to purchase the right one. There are a couple of things to consider when shopping for a weighted blanket – quality and weight. First, you want to buy a quality product, to make sure you get your money’s worth and aren’t disappointed by the way it feels or performs. This is a product that should hold up for you nicely over many nights to come.

When choosing a weight, consider your body weight and how you like to sleep. A smaller person will likely be happy with our lighter blanket, which weighs 15-pounds. Or, for a bigger person, our 20-pound model may be more suitable. If you’ll be buying your first weighted blanket, it might be best to start with the lighter model to adjust to this new way of sleeping. You can always move into a heavier model later if you so choose.

At Hevvy, we love weighted blankets. We’ve worked hard to create a quality product that can help people get the restful, enjoyable sleep they deserve. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us right away. Thank you for visiting Hevvy!

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